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Glitter Bodies by Jenell offers signature treatments in a breathtaking location in the Wichita Falls area. We welcome our guests to embrace traditional luxuries through a wide array of relaxing, professional services.

 At Glitter Bodies, attention to detail is our business. Glitter Bodies was created for both women and men alike. We make it our mission to ensure you get the best results possible while providing a serene, relaxing environment. Glitter Bodies stays up to date with the latest trainings and techniques to offer you the best results possible. All services are non-invasive and require no downtime. Whether you want to stop by for a quick session on your lunch break or book a relaxing session after work, we are here for you either way. 

Our experienced and talented staff believe in an individualized approach and will work with you to understand and meet your needs. Whether you are new to massage & skincare treatments or a long-time wellness enthusiast, our therapies are crafted to enhance your senses, inner serenity and your overall well-being, especially - your wonderful Body!

Glitter Bodies is owned and operated by Registered Nurse, BSN, Jenell Richardson. Jenell has been a nurse for over 8 years, and she loves helping and serving others. She is all about the empowerment of others and wanted Glitter Bodies to embody self-love and confidence. Jenell wanted Glitter Bodies to be a place where women and men could go to relax and enjoy themselves while watching the inches fall off. Jenell stays up to date on all the new advancements and treatments to ensure she is providing the best treatments possible and yielding the best results. She continues to work as an RN part time, but Glitter Bodies is her main endowment and focus. Jenell loves the growing field of body sculpting and will continue to grow and evolve as the field does. Jenell has plans to continue her nursing education and also attend massage therapy school in the future.

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